What do you know about us? In 1960 Mr. Ed Matthews decided to create a company called Steamex of Long Island. Mr. Ed Matthews’ company had become a success due to the marketing of the Steamex carpet extractors. This particular machine had changed the industry. In addition, Ed Matthews had introduced his own line of cleaning chemical. Mr. Matthews decided to brand his innovative products with the name of “SOLI” to shorten Steamex of Long Island. In addition, Ed Matthews, a flooring contractor himself, sold a wide variety of flooring supplies to the trade. His success allowed his reign to last over 29 years until 1989 when he decided to retire. He sold the company to Jerry and Nelson Goldberg in 1989. These two brilliant minds added a different dynamic by offering another division catering to the restoration industry. Over the course of their journey, they had developed several chemical products to act against restoration damages. This furthering of advancement, allowed them to introduce training seminars to educate and certify the restoration contractors so they could professionally deal with the major insurance companies.


In 2001 the Goldberg’s sold the company to the present owner Allan Pilossoph. This change of command had taken place at the time of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers. We immediately joined forces with the local authorities and restoration contractors by supplying them with emergency equipment and supplies as well as chemicals. This sorrowful event had given “SOLI ” a great deal of exposure and recognition throughout the Tri-State area. As American citizens, we felt this was our constitutional duty to help out the men and women who were injured and lost their lives. As a company for the people, we believe in making an impact through the means of our products and services.


In addition, SOLI offers products on carpet supply and carpet cleaning. Also, we offer products on floor care, general cleaning, maintenance, and restoration. Finally, Steamex Of Long Island has machine rentals for stairs and upholstery available along with machine repairs. This allows us to proudly announce we are a HOME OF THE PROS.

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50-1 Shampoo

A premium quality high sudsing synthetic…

$26.20$94.33 Select options


An all acrylic, permanent water emulsion sealer…

$24.51$88.24 Select options

Ad-Bac 4227 Disinfectant

Ad Bac 4227 is a cleaner and disinfectant…

$24.14$86.92 Select options

All-Purpose Neutral Cleaner

A heavy duty concentrated neutral cleaner…

$17.97$64.67 Select options

Brite Metal Polish

A water based cream polish used since 1888.…

$14.34$150.43 Select options


A carpet treatment designed to cure browning…

$15.68$55.08 Select options

Buffable Scrubbable Floor Finish

An economical high solids, high quality, metal…

$25.12$90.36 Select options

Clear Degreasol

A powerful concentrate of synthetic detergents,…

$18.16$64.06 Select options

Coffee Stain Remover

A carpet treatment designed to cure coffee…

$17.44$66.46 Select options

Dark Brown Solvent Anti-Slip Paste Wax

A high-quality solvent type paste wax. Good…

$86.08$178.27 Select options

De Zolv

A highly active concentrate water-based blend…

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$48.05$182.56 Select options


A silicone defoaming agent for use in…

$24.16$85.96 Select options

Degreaser Concentrate

A super powerful concentrate of synthetic…

$17.85$62.96 Select options

Deluxe Pine Cleaner

A vegetable oil soap fortified with alkaline…

$14.12$49.37 Select options

Eliminate II Odor Counteractant

A pleasant mint scented liquid deodorizer for…

$25.14$89.64 Select options

Enzyme Drain Opener

A multi-purpose, natural odor digestant. Enzyme…

$24.75$88.05 Select options