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Spiff-It Up


Extends the life of the Floor Finish by filling in scratches, removing scuffs and enriching the depth of the gloss.

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Product Advantage:
This concentrated water based acrylic emulsion is formulated for use with high and ultra high speed burnishing equipment for floor finish.

Product Uses:
Mop on restorer: Dilution 32 to 1 with water. Under normal conditions, application once a week will ensure floor appearance.

Direction for use:
Floor Care: Floor surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned. Then using a clean mop, apply a thin coat of the diluted solution. Do not allow solution to puddle on surface. Allow to dry, then buff with a high speed burnishing pad. Turn or replace pad for best results.

Product size: 1 Gallon – Case (4x1Gallon)

Weight: 11 lbs (1 Gallon) – 42 lbs (Case)

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