De Zolv


A highly active concentrate water-based blend of d-limonene, surfactants and polar solvents. De Zolv provides a long lasting emulsion which is effective for deep penetration and removal of dirt, grease and grime on a wide variety of surfaces. This formulation is also effective in grease traps.

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Product Description

Product Advantage:
A powerful fast acting degreaser with a non-ammoniated formula that combined with d-limonene loosens dirt, grease, grime and oil. De Zolv can be applied using sprayer, sponge or mop.

Product Uses:
General Cleaning and deodorizing of toilets, sinks, urinal, chrome fixtures and tile. Odor control for dumpsters, garbage cans, septic tanks, sewage plants and kennels, carpets, rugs, upholstery and fabrics, machinery, engines, rubber burns, graffiti, heavy industrial cleaning.

Direction for use:
For cleaning and degreasing, water is added at a dilution rate of 16:1 down to 2:1 depending on the surface to be cleaned. Always rinse after using. Not to be used on glass.

Product size:
1 Gallon – Case (4x1Gallon)

Weight: 11 lbs (1 Gallon) – 42 lbs (Case)

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