Steamex of Long Island is one of the most reputable carpet supply stores in entire New York. SOLI is your to go place for carpet supply tools and chemicals and other janitorial supplies. Our supplies range from carpet color highlighting, brown curer to remove browning of carpet, degreaser for oily surfaces, coffee stain removers, extractors, wet/dry defoamers for vacuum cleaners, stain repellents, and carpet shampoo.

Steamex of Long Island is dedicated to provide you with the largest selection of quality carpet supplies for your janitorial needs: be it office space or home space.

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50-1 Shampoo

A premium quality high sudsing synthetic…

$26.20$94.33 Select options


A carpet treatment designed to cure browning…

$15.68$55.08 Select options

Clear Degreasol

A powerful concentrate of synthetic detergents,…

$18.16$64.06 Select options

Coffee Stain Remover

A carpet treatment designed to cure coffee…

$17.44$66.46 Select options


A silicone defoaming agent for use in…

$24.16$85.96 Select options

Extracto 77

A product formulated for portable extractors…

$24.32$86.48 Select options

Miracle Spot Remover

A ready to use product that quickly dissolves…

$21.29$75.53 Select options

Sol-Guard Stain Repellent

A product designed to put a protective shield…

Rated 3.00 out of 5
$61.54$221.75 Select options

Traffic Lane Plus

A concentrated pre-spray spotter for use on…

$20.47$76.78 Select options