Miracle Spot Stain Remover


A ready to use product that quickly dissolves most water and oil based stains without causing color fading.

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Product Advantages:
A powerful, fast-acting stain remover for stains and grease. No dilution is necessary. Just spray on spots and clean with normal shampooing.

Product Uses:
Specially formulated to dissolve and re-emulsify oil and grease stains found on carpet prior to shampooing. Allows the shampooing operation to remove the re-emulsified oil and grease.

Direction for use:
Carpet Care: No dilution necessary. Vacuum carpet prior to use and spray on spot and heavily soiled areas. Start shampooing while the area is still wet to prevent spots from setting back into carpet.

Product size: 1 Gallon – Case (4x1Gallon)

Weight: 11 lbs (1 Gallon) – 42 lbs (Case)

SDS: 2050-6341_Miracle-Spot-Remover_SDS1

Product Description: Stain Remover


Gallon, Case


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