Super C Orange - Orange Odor Neutralizer

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All the Super C Deodorant products are shorter term scents than the Eliminate II. Which is more of a long-term deodorant odor remover. Super C products are classified as an odor counteractant and Eliminate II is classified as a malodor counteractant.

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Before cleaning the carpets. Always vacuum first. Then pre-spray the carpets with Traffic  Lane Plus. Then set up your carpet machine with Extracto 77 and clean your carpets and let them dry thoroughly before walking on them.
carpet extractor TRAFFIC LANE PLUS Pre-Spray - Spotter for hard to clean areas

Machine Rentals

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Steamex of Long Island offers machine rentals for various items that can help clean your home, apartment, office, or building. We can help with your home improve projects. Our machines offer you the best quality to get the job done no matter how big the project. Furthermore, We make renting machines and tools easy for you in the New York area and  offer competitive prices for all of our machines.

Carpet or Floor Machines:
$45 a day (24 hours)
$75 a weekend (2 Days)
$225 a week (7 Days, Weekend for Free)

Upholstery or Stair Tools:
$20 a day
$35 a weekend
$100 a week

Buying vs Renting

Machine rentals and tool rentals has its advantages. Right of the bat, you don’t have to store or maintain them, we do that for you. As soon as the job is done you simply return the item. You don’t have to also go through the cost burden of buying an entire machine you might only need for a one item use. Furthermore, our items are fully guaranteed to work well and will get the job done for you.

Quality Guarantee

Our tools and machines are in top condition and are maintained by our professionals. They will get the job done for you without any problems arising. Simply come to our store and check the machine you want and simply rent it! Very easy!


Above all, we also repair any small machine! Bring it in and we’ll fix it for you.


Check out our more products we offer. Click here for video demonstration.


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